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Daventry’s Scrap Metal Specialists 

Weigh it in, cash it in.
Call us today or visit our facilities for a quote and same day payment. Please bring your bank details and Photo Identification such as:
Photo card driving licence or Current passport with a utility bill (no less than 3 months old)
At Daventry Non-Ferrous Metals we recycle all types of scrap non ferrous metals. 
All tradesman and members of the public are welcome to bring the scrap and off cuts of metal to us at Daventry.
Call us today, or visit our facilities for a quote and same day payment.

What we take: Copper, brass, cable, Motors, Aluminium etc.
 What we cant take: Beer Kegs, Tyres, Fridges Freezers and PCB'S

About Us

Since opening in 2009 we have built a good reputation and many of our customers come to us by recommendation. Our team has over 25 years experience in the scrap metal industry and are always friendly and approachable. 


Our yard and workshop in Daventry are designed to weigh any amount of metal. You can drive in throughout the week for an on-the-spot quote and sale, though we recommend you call in beforehand as prices change regularly. We’ll also recycle old batteries, cables and radiators if you no longer need them. 
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